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Product Description

3G / WAN / LAN / Wi-Fi M2M Router

With high-speed cellular (3G and beyond), WAN, LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity, the E200 is a highly versatile, reliable and rugged router designed for mission-critical enterprise applications requiring faultless connectivity.

The E200 comes in two models; the cost-effective HSDPA ensures always-on connectivity for 2G migration or low-latency applications such as energy and sales & payment, while the HSPA penta-band is ideal for deployment in vertical markets requiring high-speed or global roaming such as security and transportation.

The E200 can be configured through an easy-to-use web interface; a configuration wizard will help the user setting-up the router step-by-step and select their primary and redundancy network; advanced configuration such as VPN, IPsec, OpenVPN and Wi-Fi hotspot setting are also directly available through the web interface. Once configured, a comprehensive set of 6 LED on the top of the aluminum alloy casing will help the user ensuring the device operate as needed. Remote management is also available through an HTTPS connection.


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