M2M: A Look at Generator Monitoring in a Connected World


In this Case Study we chatted to James Taylor, Telemetry Manager at Babcock about the benefits of a machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions like the Babcock telemetry system and how it’s being used to monitor their generators to save companies time and money.

Generators can vary in size and location; often times they are in remote locations or areas where the traffic is minimum and visual checks are hard to perform. Yet when the backup power is required, a reality in times of load shedding, it is essential that the generators perform.

This is a perfect situation for M2M solutions like the Babcock’s telemetry system.


James comments: “Visibility of systems and assets like generators are key to ensuring power is available when needed. The Babcock remote generator monitoring system is designed using TrinitySMART and provides status and possible failure visibility of engines and generators deployed in the field.”

“We wanted to be proactive in terms of incident prevention with our generators. We monitor a whole host of analog readings from our Babcock’s telemetry system dashboard:

  • Location tracking
  • Flagged maintenance intervals
  • Fault detection
  • Detailed reports of engine hours
  • Diesel levels
  • Battery voltage
  • Voltage of currents etc.

“This system allows us to go beyond just monitoring the generators themselves and insuring our SLA’s; to monitoring door alarms and environmental sensor like temperature. It’s customizable to the point where it can become a complete site monitoring solution.”

Benefits of the Babcock Telemetry System:

  • Huge operational savings
  • Failure prevention – critical generator and engine data / alerts are available within moments of an alarm or failure
  • Minimize downtime
  • Efficient Support Staff Scheduling
  • Complete overview of individual Generator status at a glance
  • Remote control and monitoring of equipment
  • Minimizing need for support staff and vehicles

The main benefit of utilizing the TrinitySMART platform in the Babcock telemetry system is the ability to customize it to the extent you can, as well as the tremendous 24/7 support we receive from Trinity.

As illustrated in this case study there are many opportunities to use the Trinity M2M solution to monitor remote assets, which can then improve your day-to-day operations to protect your investments; provide your customers with uninterrupted service and at the same time save money.

Contact us today to find out more about how the TrinitySMART can apply to your specific application and service offering.

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