Mikros Traffic Monitoring (Pty) Ltd. Supplies a high quality range of traffic data collection and weigh-in-motion services and currently enjoys the position of being Southern Africa’s leading traffic data service provider. They are currently utilising the M2M Trinity DEVICES solution for their needs.

The data collection services are made possible through the Mikros Systems (Pty) Ltd. product range that has grown from simple traffic counters through complex vehicle classifiers; high and low speed weigh in motion systems to complex integrated road management systems incorporating state of the art communications and information systems (Intelligent Transportation Systems).

Trinity supplies Mikros with GPRS services and modems. We chatted to Peter Spaanderman about the partnership:

Q: How long have you been using Trinity’s M2M solution?
Mikros first bought GSM modems back in 2010 these were used for CSD services; now migrated to full GPRS services.

Q: Were you facing any particular challenges before working with Trinity?
A: Availability of hardware is something we are often concerned about. Trinity always has availability on hand to keep projects going and work hard to ensure timely delivery.

Q: Have you integrated the TrinitySMART platform into your traffic monitoring solutions? 
A: We don’t currently use TrinitySMART; however as our install base of modems & SIMs keeps growing and we move into deployments in Africa, we are interested to see how the platform can assist us with management and control for our system.

Q: Do you have any particularly interesting facts, figures or statistics you’d like to share with us? E.g. the scale of your operation, improvements seen after implementation etc
A: Contacts we’ve won include SANRAL, TRAC N4, Bakwena, N3 Toll Concession, Gauteng Province Roads and Transport and more. We have modems installed in all of our traffic counters situated on all the major roads across South Africa.

Q: Do you have any interesting future plans? (e.g. new M2M traffic monitoring devices) 
A: Africa presents new opportunities; however the challenges are significant. Having the right partners can help to make this a success. Diversifying to new M2M opportunities is something we keep a keen eye out for.

Q: Why did you choose Trinity?
A: Because they are responsive, engaged and focused on customer service. They deliver on time as committed, keeping our projects on schedule.

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