Remotely monitor and manage critical genset parameters.

Trinity’s SMARTGenset enables you to remotely monitor and manage critical generator parameters. This generator monitoring system is readily deployed and easy to scale, making onboarding a simple process, while its horizontally-enabled technology can be easily integrated into most production environments.

Diesel generators are the support of many industrialised sectors that include mining, manufacturing, hospitality and healthcare. However, there are factors that may not allow the generators to function optimally, such as lack of fuel,c high temperatures and low oil pressure. This can hinder the production process, making visibility into the operational health of generator-related assets difficult for many organisations.

SMARTGenset allows you to:

  • Access local, readily available customer support
  • Optimise daily operations, understand where equipment is located and ensure higher reliability of your generator fleet
  • Design a SMART site that is business specific to include configurable dashboards to bring your data to life
  • Ensure engine data and critical generator-related information is available within moments of an alarm or failure
  • Scan proactively for possible failure visibility of engines and generators in your field

Your business’s power flow can be affected at any time, and this can disturb production. So if your business relies on a constant power supply, Trinity’s SMARTGenset can keep your power production facility under control, even under unforeseen conditions.







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