Easy-to manage, M2M connectivity and visibility for smart metering and alternative energy.

Connecting multiple, diverse devices to the internet comes with challenges. Manufacturers are quickly recognising the inherent value the Internet of Things (IoT) brings to the metering process, particularly in terms of equipment monitoring and management of complex environments.

For those looking for easy to manage, machine to machine (M2M) connectivity and visibility for smart metering and alternative energy, Trinity offers various devices, interfaces, network connections, protocols and mechanisms that enable seamless M2M communication between sensors, industrial control systems and applications.

SMARTIndustrial, through TrinityCONNECT, enables a direct link to specific users via alerts and interactive dashboards, as well as the remote tracking of asset operations in real time.

Trinity’s SMARTIndustrial enables you to:

  • Build a proactive and responsive environment that ensures system efficiency
  • Connect production and industrial processes to your key business processes
  • Receive updates on monitored equipment, including alerts for routine maintenance or upgrades
  • Observe the behaviour of assets in real time
  • Benefit from Trinity’s locally-designed system integration and support






See Trinity’s SMARTIndustrial in action.

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