Map, monitor and control complex 3G and LTE assets.

How do you map, monitor and control complex Third Generation (3G) and Long Term Evolution (LTE) assets? With the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT), keeping an eye on the activities of each device under your network – such as the amount of data each device is using may be a challenge.

Trinity’s SMARTMobile Router enables remote monitoring and mobile tracking. This means your business can manage, monitor and control 3G, as well as LTE, modem devices from any location, in real time. The reliable nature of Trinity’s devices means that even when tracking hundreds of them, you never lose visibility or control.

Our SMARTMobile Router allows you to:

  • Monitor all devices in real time to ensure they are working in the manner in which they are intended, and remain where they are supposed to be
  • Be alert to any changes in status or expected data usage
  • Create a proper operational model to build around all your units in the network
  • Tap into Trinity’s fully-configurable, feature-rich reporting platform
  • Have access to mobile tracking and remote monitoring






See Trinity’s SMARTMobile Router in action.


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