Smart. Flexible. Intelligent.

And provisioned specifically to support IoT requirements

For businesses looking for a simple and cost-effective access to a remote data connection, TrinityCONNECT delivers a smart, flexible solution. Built specifically to support the integration of various devices, TrinityCONNECT provides a reliable, managed connectivity layer for devices and applications to communicate with one another.

Robust and easy to scale, TrinityCONNECT accommodates a range of machine to machine Internet of Things (M2M-IOT) applications and devices. It allows you to streamline on-going management of all your SIM cards and related infrastructure through a single, secure, cloud-based platform.

And to cater for expanding businesses, TrinityCONNECT provides you with a complete service, inclusive of SIM cards and connectivity. So, the larger and more complex your environment, the greater the benefit to your business.

 Are you a business looking for…

  • A simple, cost effective access to remote data. In real-time. All the time
  • A tool to free up your IT resources, control opex, and simplify maintenance and operations, while accelerating your return on investment
  • An attractive, affordable alternative to in-house M2M-IOT enterprise mobility management?

With TrinityCONNECT you can:

Support and build M2M applications:

Put our proven development services to good use for firmware and platform applications with your domain knowledge, enabled through TrinitySMART.

Benefit from skills and infrastructure on demand:

Migrate the operations of your Access Point Name (APN), including radius and security firewall services to Trinity and use as a complete management service. Benefit from our industry expertise, development skills and robust, scalable infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of an in-house development team.

Manage your mobile data infrastructure:

Access world-class IoT-based tools for managing SIM cards and data, tracking SIM and APN usage – including warning notifications and data thresholds.

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