Create, deliver, monitor, manage and control your IoT environment.

TrinitySmart is an Application Enabling Platform (AEP) that provides current business intelligence, allowing you to connect various devices together through multiple protocols. This lets you collect, analyse and provide the information your users will find useful to effectively manage their machine-to-machine Internet of Things (M2M-IoT) environment.

TrinitySmart provides various end users with the ability to function at top speed while on the go. You can have have full remote access and control over devices, modems, Access Point Name (APN), real-time figures and M2M telemetry business apps.

With TrinitySMART, you can

  • Manage and control devices, modems, APN and SIM infrastructure – anytime and anywhere.
  • Access your data in real-time
  • Visualise and interact with your data
  • Design flexible M2M telemetry applications that suite your intelligence requirements
  • Integrate with your existing business systems
  • Incorporate business-specific analysis – supported by easy-to interpret visuals and proactive trigger notifications

TrinitySmart offers five key features:

SMART Device Communicators

Allows developers to sync with TrinitySmart with ease. Available in C, Python, Android and Java, and compliant with Linux and OpenAT, you can connect the application to any device you work on.

SMART Device Gateways

Allows you to translate IoT applications developed specifically for your business or any other pre-existing M2M and IoT applications, and provides one-to-one or one-to-many forms of communication for data posts and messaging.

SMART Application

Allows tools the ability to begin application distribution rapidly. Drag and drop dashboard tools allows you to test business case drivers, preventing the high costs involved in development.

SMART Application Programming Interface (API) 

Allows the quick and effective connection of applications to devices, creating simple access to device and asset message information.

SMART Engine

Organises information that is captured by the platform from any device or asset for inventory-related purposes. Once organised, it creates users of different profiles, giving them access to the information.

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