Wireless applications allow users to fulfil a specific need by the use of the device and its technology. Applications that rely on wireless communication include security systems, televisions remotes, mobile phones, computer-related devices, time attendance systems and data tracking systems.

This type of application makes the transfer of data and messages quick and easy for professionals who work remotely and need to stay connected to multiple devices and people. It also helps business owners to manage their staff through an automated system.

The FPX10, for example, fulfills the role of staff management. Through a smart and simple installation, it enables you to register employees on the system, as well as tracking the time and attendance of your staff by saving their fingerprints, ensuring the safety of your staff and office space.

This is provides you with the technology to track any inconsistencies regarding staff timing and who enters your work space. Wireless applications not only enables staff management, but also security of commercial and private spaces. Tracking devices such as the EBS Active Track make use of a GPS tracker to trace the movement of security-escorted individuals within a residence or commercial space, during security patrols, and recording of personnel times.

If your business needs an automated management system to effectively manage personnel, or secure the space of commercial or private property, Trinity has the wireless applications to help you achieve optimal results.