A Wireless gateway is a device that offers one wireless internet connection to a multitude of Wi-Fi-enabled devices. It provides the modem, router and internet connection in one device, and can be used within the home or business space where a large array of devices need to be connected to the internet.

A wireless gateway simplifies the use of a wireless network by performing multiple functions through one device, instead of multiple technologies that need to be connected to each other. Some wireless gateways are built with internal firewall protection to shield your various devices from potential online threats. The main advantage of these devices is that they operate via a wireless access point (WAP), which connects various devices without the use of cables, and allows multiple users to draw data from the network at the same time.

The Sierra gateway, for example, is designed to provide non-stop communication particularly for applications installed within vehicles such as police cars, ambulance and trucks. The Long-Term Evolution (LTE) gateway enables high-speed connectivity to a wide range of devices in remote locations through Ethernet, Serial, Wi-Fi and USB connections.

The Cradlepoint gateway similarly provides a connection in areas where a connection is difficult to attain and is durable through tough weather conditions and temperatures. Wireless gateways are extremely useful by delivering internet connection in locations that do not provide for wired connectivity. If your business operates from a number of locations and vehicles, a wireless gateway from Trinity will ensure constant connectivity for all your operational needs.