Wireless modems are devices that provide direct connection to the internet by accessing the signal provided by an internet service provider (ISP). The modem receives the signal and transmits it to various internet enabled devices.

Wireless modems come in all shapes and sizes, from USB, mobile hotspots and wireless devices to mobile phones with inbuilt modems. This allows the device user to access the internet anywhere a signal is present – from an office or home space, to a shopping mall or coffee shop. Wireless modems offer a safer internet connection due to the encryption of data during its transportation, making it difficult for potential hackers to read the data.

The Maestro E205Xt02 3G modem, for example, is a device built to provide a faultless connection for businesses that require high-speed internet and cross-border communication. Management of the device can be done remotely through the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) connection, allowing the secure transfer of data between devices.

Trinity’s wireless modems cater for a range of users, with some designed specifically for machine to machine (M2M) customers. The Fastrack FXT009 is built to be used with a range of industrial equipment, bringing internet connectivity to any device. If your business requires fast, simple and secure access to the internet in multiple locations, Trinity’s wireless modems are suited for you.